The Migraine Mediterranean Diet Softcover (Signed Copy)
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The Migraine Mediterranean Diet Softcover (Signed Copy)

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This softcover of The Migraine Mediterranean Diet is signed by both Alicia Wolf and Dr. Shin Beh. 

If you would like this made to a specific person other than the one ordering, please use their name in the "ship to" order section and/or email me at to guarantee we have made it to the right person. 

The Migraine Mediterranean Diet is NOT a migraine elimination diet book, but for those taking the next step in their journey, and hoping to improve their long term brain health with Mediterranean-inspired recipes. 

For those seeking clarity on a migraine elimination diet (Heal Your Headache) please order my first book The Dizzy Cook. However, the recipes in the Migraine Mediterranean Diet will also work for someone doing an elimination diet with provided edits. 

How are the books different?

- The Dizzy Cook focuses on easy comfort foods where the Migraine Mediterranean Diet focuses on high Omega-3 recipes and adding more fruits and vegetables, and the recipes are more adventurous. 

- Both books are extremely vegetarian friendly.

- Both books have edits for dairy free/gluten free, however the Migraine Mediterranean Diet has more suggestions for this. 

- Both books work for someone doing a migraine elimination diet, but The Dizzy Cook has more info on implementing it into everyday life. 

- The Migraine Mediterranean Diet includes a few foods that are meant to be eliminated in a migraine diet like citrus (but gives edits for those who are sensitive). 

Please note: Once book has been packaged and shipped it is not refundable.